Testimonials from Cash for Truck Melbourne clients

“I got cash in the hand for my truck”

“After my old truck was totalled, I knew there wasn’t much point keeping it around, as I bought a new one straight away. I didn’t want to bother with organising a towing and dumping service, so I used Google to find a local car wrecking company. I came across Cash for Truck Melbourne and, after reading some great reviews, gave them a call to come and remove my truck. Not only did they give a free removal service, I got cash in the hand for my truck, even though it was totalled! I’d recommend Cash for Truck Melbourne to anyone who needs to get rid of an unwanted truck.” – Jake, Thornbury

“The whole process was so easy”

“When my truck no longer started, I knew exactly what to do. My brother-in-law recently dealt with Cash for Truck Melbourne, and had nothing but good things to say about them, so I gave them a call. Within 24 hours of making the booking, their drivers were at my property to remove the truck, and pay me cash in the hand. The whole process was so easy, and I’d highly recommend their services to all.” – Henry, Warburton

“Glad that we chose Cash for Truck Melbourne”

“My husband gave me the go-ahead to get rid of an old, rusted truck that had been sitting in our backyard for far too long now. I Googled a local towing service, only to come across a company that offered free removal! Cash for Truck Melbourne said they’d come all the way out to Kinglake and take the old truck away for free – immediately I was sold on their service! After booking in, they organised a team to come out to our property and remove it within only a few hours of booking. To my surprise, they even gave me a few thousand dollars to take away the truck as well! I’m glad we finally got rid of the truck, and just as glad that we chose Cash for Truck Melbourne to help us do it.” – Natasha, Kinglake

“They took all the stress and hassle away”

“If I had known it was this simple to get rid of our old truck, I would have done it months ago! Cash for Truck Melbourne took all the stress and hassle away from us, and pretty much did the whole thing themselves – I didn’t even have to leave the computer to organise it! My truck is now gone, and I’m left with more property space and a decent chunk of money in the hand. Their service is truly second to none.”


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